Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

21st part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Sustainability is an important topic - also for software engineering. As an open-source maintainer I can tell you that burn-out and anxiety are real and a more healthy ecosystem around it is necessary.

This collection contains an outstanding variety of #posts and #articles in the #frontend #webdev space - also with some great write-ups on open-source development. I hope you'll find one or the other article of this issue worth reading!

1. The Dark Side of Open Source by Artem Zakharchenko
Bottom line: Enthusiasm is great but it makes for a poor dinner.

2. The Power of :has() in CSS by Chris DeMars
:has is great, but knowing about forgiving lists as in :is might be even more useful.

3. Can I email? by Tilt Studio
Yes you can unless you won't.

4. A proposal to add signals to JavaScript by Rob Eisenberg and Daniel Ehrenberg
Personally, I like the addition, but I'd prefer some refinement on the proposal first.

5. Bun 1.1 by Jarred Sumner
So many great updates - now this is much closer to a v1 than 1.0 was.

6. A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects by Robert Mensching
I fully share the sentiment - maintainers need more protection and more respect.

7. LiveView is best with Svelte by Anthony Accomazzo
In general Phoenix is a great web framework that is truly underestimated.

8. Ship Early. Find Bugs. by Thomas Eckert
Or ship never - don't care about bugs.

9. What is Dead Zone in JavaScript? by Joan Ayebola
Now that we know what the dead zone is - what is friend zone in JavaScript?

10. Mojo CSS vs. Tailwind: Choosing the best CSS framework by Boemo Mmopelwa
I seem to be getting old; where's that Bootstrap everyone was talking about?

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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