New webpage released

The old homepage has been completely removed and is now being replaced by a state of the art web application.

The last two weeks have been very busy for me in order to rewrite my homepage completely. Everything is now done with ASP.NET MVC 3, the Entity Framework and C# 4. There are some articles on CodeProject to come about some of the things I build for this website. An interesting one which will be released quite soon will deal with a Google like image uploader embracing AJAX, the new FileAPI and jQuery.

Some of the notable features of the new website are:

  • A much faster page rendering with standard generation times below 100 ms even for pages with a lot of required queries.
  • Machine learning techniques for recommendations (will be extended).
  • Query and partly content caching.
  • Completely object oriented design following SOLID principles.
  • Massive usage of own extension methods.
  • Usage of JSON for specialized data (server) and some simple XHR requests.
  • Single site experience by massive usage of jQuery's AJAX wrapper.
  • My own tool for analyzing user behavior in form of a page heatmap.
  • Responsive design for guaranteeing a solid experience of the webpage on most smartphones.

The list could go on. A major difference to the old website is that I made two language versions: English and German. All old articles will stay in German, while the new ones will only be published in English (exceptions may happen). The design picks the browser's current language as default.

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