Tutorials of the C# lecture available

The first two parts of the C# lecture are now available online at Tech.Pro.

Recently I gave another round of my 2-week lecture on programming with C#. This time I made significant changes to the general concept and focused on the language itself and less on the .NET-Framework. All in all this was the right choice, even though the workload was again increased.

This change gave me the opportunity to rewrite the lecture notes and presentation slides. The slides are now available in English. The lecture notes are being published as tutorials on Tech.Pro.

These tutorials aim to give a brief and advanced introduction into programming with C#. The prerequisites for understanding the tutorials are a working knowledge of programming, the C programming language and a little bit of basic mathematics. Some basic knowledge of C++ or Java could be helpful, but should not be required.

A third (and maybe even a fourth) is about to be released depending on the success of these first two tutorials and my available time.

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