Upcoming lecture in the next Winter term

Some time ago I started planning a lecture on Software Design Patterns. In the next winter term this will actually take place.

This is just a short announcement that I will finally give the lecture on "Software Design Patterns" in the next winter term. I started planning this lecture about 6 months ago, however, I decided that it would have been quite painful for my schedule if I would give it already this summer term.

The lecture itself will take place every week on Wednesday, 1-3pm in room PHY 7.1.21. There will also be exercises, which will most probably take place every 2 weeks. The exact appointment will be decided in agreement with all interested participants.

As a special feature of the lecture, the programming language used for the practical examples will not be fixed. There will be 3 main languages, namely:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java

Additionally UML will be introduced as the modeling / specification language for the object-oriented relations. No one will be forced upon a programming language, however, scripting languages will be excluded due to several reasons.

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