Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge

The second phase of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge just started - this time with an even bigger prize pool.

Intel's Perceptual Computing initiative came with a two-staged competition. In the first phase we competed with 3 applications, with two of them winning some prizes. This week the second phase launched, topping the prizes of the first competition by half a magnitude. The grand prize is $100,000 plus a marketing pool of $50,000. Additionally there are 4 category winners, where each one will receive $75,000.

This is certainly one of the biggest prize pools that has ever been promoted for an open programming competition, so I am quite interested in what kind of applications will be released.

In this challenge we will participate with a single application only. We already have an idea and we want to work it out in time. The deadline for the presentation of the idea is in the beginning of June, with the deadline for the competition being in the mid of August.

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