Homepage update

After a year I found the time to polish the design a little bit.

A year ago I published my new homepage. The design had been updated and all the internal code has been rewritten. I was quite satisfied with the result, since the design looked clean, playful and used a lot of the recent web technologies. The code was very extensible, blazing fast and allowed me to change everything from everywhere.

However, since then a lot of things happened:

  • jQuery got a lot of updates and I changed my attitude from "get always the latest version of jQuery from a good CDN" to "get the jQuery you've tested your site with from a good CDN"
  • Round corners are now well established and not so modern any more
  • Opera changed its way of interpreting the linear-gradient CSS value
  • I became active in a lot more communities than before

Therefore I made changes to the homepage in the following areas:

  • I updated a few parts of the JavaScript (turning off the heatmap, since I already gathered enough data and I want my homepage to become even faster), replacing bind with on etc.)
  • Adding more pages to the list of communities where I am contributing
  • Changing the presentation of the sidebar and quicklinks
  • Removing / moving the bottom links to different locations
  • Improving the mobile views

The page itself is still a desktop first design. Additionally I added some more content in form of a list of talks, as well as more articles. I also updated some content like the list of ways to get in touch with me.

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