Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

First part of a new series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Hi everyone! New week, new year, new tech, and ... a new series! I will try to post each week a list of about ten links that have appeared on my radar. These will all be in the area of frontend development.

1. The Implied Web by Halvor William Sanden
In an investigation details matter. That being written I like the idea presented in the article.

2. Modern CSS for 2024: Nesting, Layers, and Container Queries by Luke Stahl
CSS has changed drastically over the years - the features mentioned in this post are all worth using.

3. Pushing the Limits of Styling: New and Upcoming CSS Features by Ebere Frankline Chisom
Certainly parallel to the other CSS articles, but with another unique perspective.

4. Bun, Javascript, and TCO by Austin Merrick
Bun is still early, but hot. One of the things that make it stand out is the choice of JavaScriptCore as an engine - which has some (sometimes exotic, sometimes useful) things that V8 does not.

5. How I'm Writing CSS in 2024 by Lee Robinson
Generally a good list of usage - I would not recommend StyleX as it is strongly dependent on the bundler though.

6. HTMX Playground by Lasse H. Bomholt
HTMX is a great alternative to Alpine.js for lightweight / SSR'ed projects that want to keep it simple.

7. 15 Most Watched Frontend Conference Talks In 2023 by Tech Talks Weekly
A great collection of useful talks. I found one or the other topic well represented in there.

8. Multithreading functions in JavaScript to speedup heavy workloads by Walter van der Giessen
Over time we'll see more and more of these approaches until we'll have native multithreading. I am inevitable.

9. Bun v1.0.21 by Jarred Sumner
If you ask me this is more like a 0.9 release, but glad that Bun is still going in the right direction.

10. Revolutionizing Angular: Introducing the New Signal Input API by Netanel Basal
Angular has been rather dormant for years, but now it seems they keep pushing - for good reasons. It's becoming more and more what I hoped it looks like when it was released.

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