Fingerball and Sculptor 3D

The Intel Perceptual Computing Contest finished and we were able to submit some nice applications.

A week ago the second phase of the Intel Perceptual Computing contest ended. As with the first phase we succeeded to submit our applications in time despite several holidays and flight arrangements. This time we submitted three applications, namely:

  • Finger Shootout
  • Fingerball
  • Sculptor 3D

While the first two applications are games (we did not submit games in the first phase), the third application is actually a 3D scanner similar to the KinectFusion algorithm.

The game Finger Shootout had already been submitted in the mid of August as an early bird entry. Here one shoots on targets and ducks (even though they give less points and are harder to hit).

The game Fingerball is a soccer game that can be played with the keyboard or perceptually against each other or the computer. In the perceptual mode one can run and shoot, with the computer doing the left and right movements. While this seems like a limitation at first, everyone who plays this game will immediately realize the benefits of this. It is basically like Tipp-Kick, just with one more move: running!

The Sculptor 3D utility is a 3D scanner. The algorithms behind this app are build from scratch, with some inspirations from known projects. Our approach differs as no GPU is required (we are using SSE and vector instructions if available) and making use of sensors (for determining the rotation) is supported. This leads to a quite accurate solution that can scan a huge variety of objects. The only limitation is that objects need to emit infrared light to be detected. This is a limitation of the camera and could be overcome by making use of a dual cam with integrated 3D detection (such a system behaves like our two eyes).

All in all the projects have been a lot of fun (even though there have been hard times as in any project). The soccer game will be placed here for download at some point in time in the near future.

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