Microsoft MVP 2014

For the second year now I got the Microsoft MVP award.

Last year Microsoft said Thank You in form of the Microsoft MVP award for Visual C#. This year Microsoft emphasized this by sending my another trophy. Time for me to look back and ahead.

In the previous year I could write some nice tutorials at Tech.Pro and a lot of useful articles on the CodeProject. Some smaller ones have been published on my site, or elsewhere. Additionally I've been invited to talk at some interesting conferences and technology enthusiastic companies. All in all it was quite a ride. With the release of YAMP (to be replaced by Mustang) and AngleSharp two open source projects have been published. While YAMP was an experimental project, which has been used in the Sumerics application (and others), AngleSharp aims to be a top notch open source project.

Right now the AngleSharp development has slowed down a bit, but I am quite positive that it will accelerate again quite soon, after my current projects are finished.

This brings me to the last and final point: I am currently busy on a lot of projects and I do not aim to keep this pace up. Instead I will refocus after finishing those projects. Unfortunately in the last months I had to limit my resources for my PhD thesis. This is not the state I like, since I am very keen on finishing this. Therefore my full focus will be switched back to my PhD as soon as possible. This results in no more than one project in my free time - which will be AngleSharp. Additionally I might have one weekend project, but I'll keep this a secret until a vague shape has been formed.

This does not mean that I will stop writing CodeProject articles or similar stuff. It just means that I will probably write less in the next couple of months.

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