Review of the VS Evolution 2013

Last week I had to opportunity to visit the Visual Studio Evolution conference in Düsseldorf.

The topic of my talk was "Advanced .NET - What's new in .NET 4.5.1" and discussed the most important changes in depth. In principle I focused on the large object heap and performance improvements. I showed a super easy demo that showcased that more objects could be allocated due to heap compactification.

Before and after my talk I had the opportunity to visit a set of very interesting presentations. While the opening keynote was fairly OK, the closing keynote was nuts. I've already seen the Xbox One Kinect in videos, but seeing it in real-life (and for the first time without the Xbox One - but connected to a Surface Pro!) was amazing. The level of detail and accuracy is simply superb.

The conference covered topics like web development with ASP.NET, Windows Phone development as well as Visual Studio tips, ALM and TFS as well as APIs like the Bing services.

There will also be videos available - right now I don't think they are online yet. My last search yielded no results, but instead I could find the following post during the conference:

VS Evolution 2013

Seems to be that my talk was quite okay. What I can say is that Microsoft organized this event super professional. I already attended a few conferences and I've seen a lot worse. This one was managed very professionally. There have been spare computers, extra displays, state of the art pointers / controllers and a quite nice microphone set up. Also all possible adapters have been available (unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder it seems - but they managed to have EVERY possible adapter on premise) as well.

Thanks again for the nice conference with enjoyable talks!

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