Upcoming .NET usergroup talk

My next talk at the .NET usergroup Regensburg will focus on the future developments of C#.

Tuesday next week I will give another talk at the usergroup Regensburg. This talk will basically talk about three separate topics, which are tightly coupled:

  • The Roslyn project (compiler as a service e.g. scriptcs)
  • The future of .NET (cross-platform, RyuJIT, ...)
  • The next iteration of the C# language

The talk will give developers hints and ideas what the upcoming changes try to solve and in what areas we will benefit from these developments. I will try to give practical examples that can either be explored today (e.g. scriptcs) or soon (Roslyn API in general).

As a starting point the latest update of the .NET-Framework (with the version number 4.5.1) is going to be presented. Even though the updates are quite minimalistic, we can benefit from this patch immediately. Also the new rapid release cycle concept is part of Microsoft's strategy towards more flexibility.

I will place the slides (and examples) most likely online on my page in the talks section.

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