WebTech Conference 2014

The WebTech Conference 2014 features a lot of interesting talks and sessions.

A few weeks ago I posted some interesting conferences. The WebTech Conference was among the most interesting ones, especially because it features a broad range of excellent speakers on web development using state-of-the-art technologies.

Additionally I will give two talks on my own, one on web development using TypeScript and another one that features Gulp, a modern buildsystem for web applications. While Gulp will be mostly touched on an introductory level, the TypeScript talk will try to deliver the full range of possibilities. My goal is to showcase almost everything that is possible with TypeScript. Here I want to give everyone in the audience all the information that is required in order to decide if TypeScript would be a superior choice for an upcoming project.

Are there any other interesting talks that I can immediately recommend? Of course!

For instance the talk "Queue it! What job queues can do for you!" seems to address a common problem in many software architectures. But also people who are more into UIs than software architecture in general will find something adequate. An example is "Mastering Complexity of HTML5 Rich Clients". Personally I am very interested in "People don't give a f**k of JavaScript". The title is rather provocative, but may be the truth depending on the context.

Finally I am also interested in talks such as "Opening your Application to Third Parties using a Node.js Sandbox" and "HTTP Caching in Web Applications". The latter is always interesting, as caching reduces server loads and wait times.

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