DWX 2015

I will give two talks at the developer week in Nürnberg.

The developer week is a great conference for .NET, web and mobile developers. It will take place in June at the exhibition center in N├╝rnberg, Germany. There are many interesting sessions taking place. I expect a mixed audience, with at least some .NET background.

My talks will also focus around .NET. First, I am going to present AngleSharp. This will be a fun talk, that will most probably be delivered within an application that heavily uses AngleSharp. Let's see if this plan is acceptable. Nevertheless, it will definitely be an HTML focused talk, this way or another.

The second talk is about C# 6. I will show the most useful new constructs and I will play around with them nicely. They will fit in perfectly with the C# Trickbox I've published a while ago. Time to get that box from the attic, clean up the dust and polish it with the latest features.

There is also some interplay between these talks. AngleSharp is a very modern way of accessing information stored in an HTML document. It represents an implementation of the W3C DOM specification - completely done in managed code. C# 6 on the other side is not a revolution. However, it is an improvement over C# 5, in particular that it comes with some state of the art and long missed features. An example is the using static improvement. This was actually possible before, but it was not active. Now its in the standard.

But C# 6 also comes up with the Elvis operator ?.. The operator is not only a nice addition to the null-coalescing operator (??), but will shorten some code drastically. It will also be easier to avoid typical null-references. If ever in doubt, just use the Elvis operator instead of the member operator. Of course there is some hidden cost, but I expect the compiler to detect (some) unnecessary checks and perform improvements.

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