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Recently I started writing articles for SitePoint. My first article is about the JavaScript build tool Jake.

Diversity is important. In the past I've mainly published my articles on CodeProject. For an introduction to the C# language I've utilized Tech.Pro, which provided a nice canvas for sketching all the important parts that have been part of my lecture. I also published two articles on the Intel Developer Zone (IDZ), however, I felt that posting in IDZ is like writing to /dev/null. But besides Tech.Pro and the IDZ I did not publish to any other (online) magazine.

So I've decided to change this monoculture starting in this year. My web articles will now be published mainly to SitePoint. I am also planning to write a very special series, which will be available on tuts+. At the moment I do not have any plans for more C# articles, but it could be that I am going to expand my horizon there as well.

My first article on SitePoint has already been published. I give an introduction to Jake, the tool which completely replaced Make in my toolchain. From the introduction of the article:

We should not have to fall back to an ancient tool-chain, just to have a working build system. We should embrace modern technology and a software stack that we know very well. In this article, I’ll introduce you to Jake. It combines the concept and the advantages of Make with a Node.js environment. This means we can use any module we like and that scripting is not only possible, but encouraged.

I won't mirror articles from SitePoint or tuts+ on my site. I will most probably just show teasers and emphasize links to them.

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