.NET Developer Conference

The sixth edition of the DDC features many interesting talks.

The .NET Developer Conference will take place in Cologne on the 1st of December. There will also be a special kind of day, which focuses on development sessions, prior to the conference day. Also a workshop day, which takes place the day after the conference, is being offered. The conference features talks around C# 7, dependency injection and many more topics.

I will give a talk about the perfect API, which of course does not exist (spoiler!). Nevertheless, I will try my best to motivate good API definitions, which specify behaviors and make working with them a joy. My talk will basically start with a short introduction into the specification and demands for any API, why APIs need to be flexible and why APIs also need to be tailored to their product or service.

Finally I will give a lot of examples and I will explain the most important paradigms of creating fantastic interfaces. All this will, of course, happen in the environment of the .NET-Framework using the C# programming language.

Hope to see you in December!

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