How To Meet Ladies with AngleSharp

Preview of my upcoming talk in the .NET usergroup about advanced topics concerning HTML.

AngleSharp is not only a great library for parsing HTML, but also a useful tool for learning about HTML. Every developer with a C# background is able to glance at implementations of a W3C implementation. Of course some things will, unfortunately, remain a mystery. A little bit of performance is required nevertheless. However, most of the really important stuff is as accessible as it could be.

In my talk I will give explanations about simple truths (and possible myths) such as:

  • Why scripts should always be placed at the end of the page - and why this is not true anymore ("hello async deferred loader script").
  • What HTML "scoping" is and why we care.
  • Heisenberg algorithm anyone?
  • If scripts shouldn't be placed in the head - what about stylesheets? (funny one)
  • The different parsing mode and the implications (e.g. noscript / script)
  • Resource loading and the event loop.

There are multiple other things I will investigate. In principle we will go from a simple HTTP request to rendering the page. In this pipeline we will identify possible problems, demystify certain behavior and fuel up our knowledge about the DOM.

What about responsive images? What about the template element? What about mutation observer? There are many other questions that will be answered during this talk. The ones above are only the tip of the iceberg. I'll try to compile a collection of appealing topics to form an informative and entertaining talk.

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