HTML5 Mastery Class

In a few weeks my HTML5 Mastery Class series will be published on Tuts+.

Web development is one of my passions. With multiple projects, talks, and lectures, I tried to learn something, while teaching others. One of my biggest projects is certainly AngleSharp. Implementing the official specification is not only a challenge, but also a great resource for learning.

About 8 months ago I had the idea to write an advanced series on HTML (i.e., front-end) development using the things I've learned with AngleSharp. The idea was finally realized in form of the HTML5 Mastery Series, which will be published on Tuts+ starting in a few weeks.

The HTML5 Mastery Series consists of 8 tutorials that cover everything from parsing rules to mutation observers. Everything will be discussed from the perspective of a front-end developer. The parsing rules will only be explained to reason about things like scoping rules, automatically closed elements, and formatting adjustments.

In times where HTML is more important than ever can front-end devs really afford to not know why a <script> without async blocks / is bad for a website's performance? Can they afford to not know about the DOM in general, e.g., why interaction is slow, or a DocumentFragment is? What about form serialization algorithms? I think all these topics should be known - at least to master the subject.

The development of AngleSharp is still ongoing. I hope that sharing the experiences and learnings throughout the development will spark a fire of passion in one or the other reader.

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