HTML5 Mastery Series Published

Finally, the HTML5 mastery series is being published - part by part.

A few weeks after my announcement I am glad that its time to publish the series. Currently, the first two parts have been published. While the first part is dedicated to scoping rules, the second part deals with encoding.

My primary goal for this series was to reveal potentially less-known, but still relevant or important parts of the specification. In the end that should lead to a better understanding of what is happening in the browser. It will also empower the ability to grasp larger use-cases and debug more efficiently.

Another issue that should be addressed with this series is the lack of interest on even more modern web technologies. Even though the technology wheel spins faster than ever before, I feel a tendency of avoidance towards technologies such as web components. Structures, such as a DocumentFragment are not very well-known. I feel, that this ignorance (I know, I am a little bit harsh here) is one of the factors preventing frameworks, such as Polymer, to be really successful.

The eight parts are:

  1. Scoping Rules
  2. Encoding
  3. Fragments
  4. Tree Traversal
  5. Constraint Validation
  6. The Browsing Context
  7. Web Security
  8. DOM Mutations

Whatever you'll find interesting (or not) in this series, I hope its a good read and that you enjoy these articles.

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