Parallel JavaScript

My recent article on SitePoint introduces Parallel.js, which is an established way of writing elegant multi-core applications with JavaScript.

The era of multi-core affects all programs written - independent of its language or implementation. Writing computational intensive code should make use of multi-core abilities like IO operations should make use of standard event loop features.

With the possibility to use web workers for spawning additional work on other threads we have the opportunity to use multiple cores from JavaScript. There are some limitations and many potential issues arising here. Luckily, a library exists, which makes working with web workers a breeze. The library is called Parallel.js and it gives us a nice set of helpers to make working with data or the implementation of parallel algorithms easy.

Of course, there is no reason to stop here. With SIMD.js being just around the corner (its already available on some platforms) and JavaScript GPU programming becoming reality soon (many experiments and some research is dedicated to this) we can be sure that JS won't be left behind in a multi-core world.

In order to make the whole topic a little bit more popular I've decided to write a little article on SitePoint about Parallel.js. Also I will give a talk about the whole topic at the ParallelCon 2016. Last year the conference was a lot of fun and very well organized, so I hope to meet many interesting people and hear some great talks again. The conference will take place at the beginning of April. If you still think about what conferences to attend, then I can just recommend the ParallelCon - it's actually one of the best.

Finally, I have an article about RxJS in the pipeline, which should be published in one of the next weeks. This is a nice complementary article to Parallel.js. Also it sets the tone for modern stream programming with events alias reactive programming.

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