Sitepoint: RxJS

Recently, I've been busy with some projects, so its time for a quick recap of activities.

Staying on the track with parallel JavaScript I published an article about RxJS on SitePoint. RxJS is a quite established framework that originated from the reactive extensions framework for .NET.

The nice thing of the reactive extensions is that the ideas and concepts have been transported to a variety of languages and platforms, such as RxJS (JavaScript language) or the RxJS-DOM extension (web platform). In a way its similar to LINQ, however, the key differentiator is that Rx has been designed around observables, i.e., sources that are populated live and potentially never stop sending data. These sources can be identified as general streams.

In the near future I might write one or the other article on a topic in the same area (concurrent / parallel web technologies). Currently, my focus has shifted towards some other projects, which can be successfully closed soon. At least I hope so.

Therefore the redesign and reorganization of my homepage has been delayed again. Right now its certainly not a pressing issue, but I already feel that the homepage is over its expiration date. Let's see when I can start working on this.

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