Microsoft Band 2 Support

I was pleasantly surprised to see the very efficient Microsoft support working even for important Band 2 devices.

One week ago my Microsoft Band 2 just broke. I am still in doubt about what actually happened, but the result was that the band turned itself off after a random amount of time (and with no correlation to a specific action). Unfortunately, the band cannot be just turned on. The only solution was to connect it to an USB port, after which the band restarts and claims to be on low power. At this point in time one needs to reset the clock and perform some steps.

I tried to work around this issue a couple of days, but the meantime to power off seemed to decrease. Also, since I realized this is not a particular problem that I face, but rather a known and common problem already inherited from the original Band, I decided to send it in. Unfortunately, I received my Band 2 from Amazon UK as Microsoft decided to not sell it in Germany. Let's try to contact Microsoft directly? Not required! A quick search revealed that the Microsoft support in Germany is actually taking Band 2 returns - and they seem to have some Bands in stock for replacement.

After filling out the request I turned in my Microsoft Band 2. It only took 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) to get a new one. This was one of the fastest replacements ever for me. Also they really just replaced it with a new one, i.e., my previously already used Band 2 now looks shiny and fresh again. The only thing I am worried about is that this is not the ultimate solution. The Band will potentially break again - presumably with a similar defect.

But until this day comes I am happy that Microsoft reacted to quickly. Their process seems to be top notch from my perspective. Congratulations!

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