Upcoming Conferences

This week the conference season is about to start for me.

As announced earlier I will take participate in some conferences this year. Two weeks ago I already enjoyed the building IoT conference in Heidelberg, Germany as a participant. I think some of the talks I've seen there have been quite impressive. Also Heise and dpunkt managed to organize a flawless conference again. Really good job!

Next week I will give two talks and a workshop in Tel Aviv at the Sela Developer Practice. So far the organization and preparation was quite smooth. I'm really looking forward to this opportunity. In Tel Aviv you will hear me speaking about chat bots and React (or alternatives like Inferno).

End of June I will take part in the developer week at the Nuremberg convention center. Besides the chat bot talk I will also go into details of Mages, and provide some insights into running large scale load tests. My talks at the DWX are all rather Microsoft / .NET focused.

In the beginning of October I will travel to Düsseldorf to give a talk about chat bots at the topconf conference. The conference has a Java / architecture vibe. I will therefore focus more on the architecture and actual challenges by showing potential solutions and best practices.

Finally, end of October I will be giving a talk at the international JavaScript conference in Munich. My talk will go into Inferno as a replacement for React. This will be, of course, discussed from a pure web development perspective.

For the moment this is the program settled for the year. At this point in time I do not plan any further activities in the conference space. I hope to attend and contribute to outstanding conferences with remarkable speakers and interesting talks. See you there!

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