Upcoming Dotnet Conf

With Dotnet Conf 2019 around the corner it's time to look at the lineup and expectations.

On Monday this year's edition of Dotnet Conf is starting - I hope you are as excited as I am! With Dotnet Conf 2019 around the corner I thought I'll post my expectations.

Like beforehand Dotnet Conf is held as a free online conference backed up with some local events. In Munich the local .NET Meetup is also streaming the event! "Servus" to my fellows!

Dotnet Conf Global Events

Regarding the lineup of this year's Dotnet Conf there is not much to say: It's as usual - top notch! Besides the "standard" lineup from Microsoft (a mix of technical leaders with their supreme / most iconic evangelists) we see a good mix from the community; mostly, obviously, Microsoft MVPs, but also non MVPs, which is personally think is super important. I am really keen on hearing Robert Boedigheimer's talk on a .NET Core cryptography introductory. Let's hear what his angle on this topic is!

Another cool talk will be done by Carlos dos Santos, who urgently reminds us to exclusively use .NET Standard as a target for libraries. I could not agree more (besides special cases and legacy targets)! Obviously, this topic contains a lot of obvious advantages and a clear way to tell the story. Let's see what other advantages he manages to demonstrate.

Besides security topics and the announcement of .NET roadmap updates we'll also see interesting talks about the .NET ecosystem, such as useful libraries, helpful guides, as well as full blown frameworks. In the end its all about making our lives simpler with enhanced tooling and great information shared in digestible pieces.

My personal expectation is to get as much information on .NET Core 3 as possible with some good connecting infos about .NET 5 (the grand vision).

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