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Finally I took the time to revamp my YouTube channel - to my surprise there have been already plenty of videos in there.

Last week I took the time to sort out my YouTube channel. I realized I've uploaded some videos over the years - mostly for some competitions or articles I've written. I sorted all these videos in different playlists, decorated the channel with my new artwork and added an introduction video.

I also started adding some video tutorials. My current goal is to keep on making them. These tutorials will potentially not stand a chance against the competition on YouTube, but I'll try to be a bit shorter and more authentic (or minimalistic / amateur-ish so to speak). Right now I started with some frontend / React tutorials, but I'll pivot shortly to more TypeScript, then Node.js, and finally C#/ASP.NET Core. From there on I'll throw in some other geeky stuff in the mix.

My plans are to provide only shorter (5-10 minutes, mostly 15 minutes) videos. I'll try to decompose some topics in multiple videos. In my first shots I've realized that my webcam is not up for the job. Also I had some audio syncing issues. I think I already found a solution for both things. To accomplish proper audio sync I will use a standard movie clapperboard. For the webcam... I bought a new webcam! First I thought about buying a camcorder, but for me as a beginner to all of this it would not justify the investment. So I'll start with a low price highly rated webcam.

What's next? Shooting more tutorials I guess. I would appreciate any feedback (or new subscribers). Let me know what you think (yes, I try to be more active on Twitter these days!).

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