Hidden .NET Gems

Last month I started writing an article series about hidden .NET gems. Let's review.

There are many great open-source .NET projects. Unfortunately, as it is usually, only the big players are known. This is even more deadly in an open/closed eco-system such as .NET, which is mainly popularized and driven forward by one major player: Microsoft.

While the dominance of projects such as ASP.NET Core, CoreCLR, Roslyn, Entity Framework Core and others cannot be denied, there are certainly exceptions to this rule.

I know quite a lot of really cool open-source .NET projects that should actually be much more known in the community. Partially, these guys seem to be as bad as I am on PR things (PR being public relations in this context). Well, maybe not as bad. That would be impossible!

So I'll try to give these outstanding projects a proper audience. I do that by publishing articles in the German dotnet pro magazine. So far I've done:

There are some criteria to qualify for my article series:

  • Must be open-source and be available on GitHub
  • Must be less than 1k stars on GitHub
  • Must have some audience / some problem that seems valuable to many developers
  • Must have some documentation and certain quality

If you have something that qualifies here please contact me. Preferred way is via Twitter.

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