Writing a Book About Microfrontends

In 2021 the topic of microfrontends is still rolling hot. New books on the topic are expected - one even from yours truly.

In the last two years microfrontends gained a lot of attention. This is great, especially since they solve a real issue. I am now working on microfrontend solutions for almost 5 years... so for me this evolution comes less as a surprise.

In any case I've found a great publisher with Packt and so far the book is progressing well. I am quite satisfied with the content up to this point. My wish is that this book is on the level of Michael Geers (who wrote an amazing book about Microfrontends) and more practical than the one which will be released from O'Reilly. The working title is "The Art of Microfrontends".

The book will contain all available patterns with sample implementations and things to watch out. It will go into detail on how to deal with domain decomposition and what to expect from going to microfrontends. The "when to use microfrontends" will also be discussed.

Actually, the team aspect is quite crucial for microfrontends and thus also an important part of the book. I've included case studies and I tried to be as complete as possible regarding available frameworks and tools.

The book should be released in June or July. I'll be able to have this one sorted out when we approach May.

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