The Art of Micro Frontends

Finally, my book is finished and ready to ship on!

Last week the last edits have been made and I am happy to report that after round about 8 months my book about microfrontends, titled "The Art of Micro Frontends" is ready to go.

Today, I received my personal copy - shipped from Amazon. It was a bit of a magical moment, with all the work coming together and arriving in my letter box. The drop off was unattended, which, of course, was a bit of bummer, but on the other hand - this left the magical moment to me alone.

So am I happy with the result? All in all, I'd say yes. There are some parts that I'd wish I would have had more time to get crafted a bit better. There are some parts that I had to skip (either because I would have needed more time or because they would not have fit very well). There are some parts that could have required a diagram or graphic that is not there. Some diagrams are not ideal. Some sections are not as bright as I hoped they would be. But... after all I am quite happy with the result.

I think the book succeeds to combine some of the - from an outside level - purely theoretical aspects (such as choosing the right domain decomposition, dealing with stakeholders, ...) with the practical ones (which architectures exist, how can an implementation using the architecture look like and what pros and cons can be associated with them).

In the next couple of months I will extend all the examples, write some blog posts using excerpts from the book, and - as usual - visit some conferences to talk about micro frontends. I am very happy for every reader, every feedback, and would find the most pleasure if also tell me that at least some things in the book made sense for you and helped you in any way.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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