Conferences 2022

This is definitely a year of conferences. Let's see what was and what will be.

2022 can in many ways be seen as a year of comebacks. For once, even though the pandemic is still going on - one could say its mostly contained now and things get back to "normal" in one way or another. On the other hand, conferences and events in general are back - and seemingly quite strong, too.

Personally, I was surprised to attend so many. Now that H1 / 2022 is over I can already name the following conferences that I've attended / given a talk:

  • 24./25.03. DevOps.js Serverless for Frontends
  • 07.05. Global Azure Serverless for Frontends
  • 10./11.05. Building IoT Backend hui, Frontend pfui?
  • 24./25.05. Advanced Developers Conference Micro Frontends - Why and why not?
  • 24./25.05. Advanced Developers Conference Micro Frontends with Blazor
  • 14./15.06. We Are Developers Stairway to Heaven - Scaling Frontends the Right Way
  • 19./20.06. Sela Developer Practice Micro Frontends - Zero to Hero (Workshop)

Also, many of these have been in-person events with me also speaking on-site, again. After two years of not seeing a face during a talk that was quite some relief.

For the rest of the year some conferences have already been confirmed:

  • 04./05.07. DWX Modern Web Apps with React (Workshop)
  • 04./05.07. DWX Agile Micro Frontends for Next Generation Web Apps
  • 04./05.07. DWX Dependency Management in Micro Frontends
  • 18./19.08. Code PaLOUsa The Next Frontier: Microfrontends!
  • 18./19.08. Code PaLOUsa Serverless for Frontends
  • 27./28.09. Web Developer Conference Micro Frontends with Piral (DevSession)
  • 28.10. QCon SF Microfrontend Architecture (Workshop)
  • 03.11. TestJS Summit 2022 Testing CLI Utilities
  • 19.11. CloudBrew Serverless for Frontends
  • 30.11. Dotnet Developer Conference Microfrontends with Blazor: Welcome to the Party! (DevSession)

A couple of conferences are still open. Let's see if I'll need to update the list above.

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