Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

12th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

The end of the week is approaching... Time for some great #articles and #posts in the #frontend #webdev space 🚀. Enjoy & as usual: Feedback is always appreciated!

1. Bloom Filters by Sam Rose
Bloom filters are really useful - I've implemented and used them in some projects dealing with a lot of data in the past. Superb read!

2. Towards Qwik 2.0: Lighter, Faster, Better by the Qwik team
Qwik is already quite good, but I am not surprised that the team behind it wants to keep the momentum up.

3. Disillusioned with Deno by Baldur Bjarnason
Personally, I think Deno does a lot of things right, but they certainly underestimed the Node.js ecosystem.

4. JavaScript Bloat in 2024 by Nikita Prokopov
The bloat is real and the shown examples are quite good.

5. JSDoc as an alternative TypeScript syntax by Alex Harri
I still prefer TypeScript - but sometimes you don't have the luxury and still want improved typings.

6. The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility by Josh W. Comeau
This is a really good article for everyone trying to understand how these units come into play and when to use what.

7. Catching Up With The Latest Features In Angular by Mike Hartington
Angular is still moving strong and staying up-to-date is becoming a real challenge.

8. A practical guide to using shadow DOM by Mayank
This is a great one as I share pretty much all the sentiment. Shadow DOM is good, but it could be better - much better.

9. 22 years later, YAML now has a media type by Tim Perry
It was about time.

10. Blazor’s Enhanced Navigation Fully Explained by Ed Charbeneau
This can be quite tricky, so summarizing all these scenarios is really great.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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