Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

13th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Happy Monday everyone! Here are some #articles and #posts in the #frontend #webdev space to get rolling. Enjoy!

1. Create VS Code Extension with React, TypeScript, Tailwind by Rakshit Raj
Good overview - very similar to what we did with the Piral Inspector.

2. Design Systems for 2024 by Leonardo Rafael Wehrmeister
Having used all of them except Apple's Design I think this is super useful.

3. CSS for printing to paper by Voussoir
Bottom line is that JavaScript is still required to make print views really pleasing.

4. Bugs I've filed on browsers by Nolan Lawson
Great read and some quite interesting bugs in there (e.g., IndexedDB blocks DOM rendering).

5. Parcel v2.12.0 by Parcel Team
A quick reminder that Parcel is still there - now with even more extensive LightningCSS integration.

6. Why Vite is the best? Advanced Features of Vite by Gautam Vaja
One bundler that eats the pie desired by Parcel is Vite. Both are great, personally I like Vite more these days, too.

7. Can you make your website green 🌳♻🌳? by Federico Navarrete
I thought background: green is enough. Maybe not, but it might be a good start.

8. OpenJS Launches New Collaboration to Improve Interoperability of JavaScript Package Metadata by OpenJS Foundation
The old XKCD is strong in this one. Tell me again why it cannot be package.json?

9. NodeJS Security Best Practices by Mohammad Faisal
Just a quick reminder that nothing is free - and the zoo of useful and required HTTP headers is growing.

10. JSR: First Impressions by David Bushell
In issue 10 we already heard the impressions from Kitson P. Kelly - now it's time to get an updated perspective as JSR enters open beta.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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