Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

40th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Another week - another set of #posts and #articles in the #webdev #frontend space. Please let me know if you found anything useful and what's your take on this. Enjoy reading!

1. Conditionals on Custom Properties by Geoff Graham
We are just a few steps away from CSS being a full programming language.

2. Blazing Fast Websites with Speculation Rules by Umar Hansa
This is really something else - just crazy what we can do now!

3. BEM Modifiers in Pure CSS Nesting by Vladyslav Zubko
Personally, I don't like BEM very much and I feel the things it should help with can be done without BEM more efficiently.

4. Experimenting with React Server Components and Vite by Daniel Nagy
I am surprised that RSC still requires so much implementation details. Is this complexity on purpose?!

5. htmx 2.0.0 has been released! by htmx Team
I think the list of breaking changes is not surprising. Well done!

6. Inline conditionals in CSS, now? by Lea Verou
There we go again - back to (1).

7. Mobx Memoizes Components by Mike Johnson
Spoiler: The React compiler might be less useful than you think.

8. Spread Grid by Tomasz Rewak
Really awesome lib - a job well done!

9. The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website by Hugo Landau
Even though these days might be over, the websites that still live from that era are providing value to this day.

10. Mocking is an Anti Pattern by Stephan Schmidt
I tend to agree. For Picard I'll also only use non-mocked unit tests and end-to-end tests.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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