Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

31st part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

The last two days I've been at a conference in my old hometown of Regensburg - hosted in a very nice and unique location: a soccer stadium! Of course, during that time lots of quality #posts and #articles in the #frontend #webdev space have been published. I want to share some of the most interesting ones that I could digest!

1. The perfect site doesn’t exist by Michelle Barker
The reason you haven't heard of it, Mr. Scott, is because you haven't discovered it yet.

2. 3 Features of Modern CSS You Should Know About by Danielle Wisen
Great least, even though I think there should be at least 7 features of modern CSS that everyone has to know about.

3. 7.css by Khang
Windows 7 - who does not love it?!

4. Build an authentication handler for a minimal API in ASP.NET Core by Joydip Kanjilal
I am still unsure why minimal API is (or has to be) different, but I still think this is the way to go. Maybe they just did not want to call it "modern".

5. Remix for Next.js Developers by Tommy Rossi
Don't make me jealous! Seriously, I'd avoid both.

6. I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on HTMX by Dylan Huang
Alright, then let me review 10,000. But I think it does not matter if its 1,000 or 10 - it'll be about the same.

7. Passkeys: A shattered dream by William Brown
Unfortunately, I share pretty much everything discussed in the article.

8. Small Language Models (SML) for the Win by Tim Spann
Small enough to run on my machine - or even in the browser?

9. Text Manipulation Kung Fu for the Aspiring Black Belt by Joseph Lyons
Give me that belt already!

10. You Don’t Need a CSS Framework by Tyson Gern
Framework is a big word - but what about a styleguide or a component library?!

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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