Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

33rd part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

React Conf is over and boy - this was an interesting set of talks and discussions. Before we continue with the second half of May I wanted to share some insightful and inspiring #posts and #articles in the #frontend #webdev space. Please let me know in the comments if any of these articles was interesting for you!

1. How to document your JavaScript package by Luca Casonato
TLDR: Use JSDoc.

2. Raspberry Pi Connect by Gordon Hollingworth
Finally, a way to connect to my PIs without SSH - graphically and from anywhere.

3. We can have a different web by Molly White
Can we?! Honestly, I still believe in the good of the web.

4. 7 JavaScript language elements every developer needs by Matthew Tyson
Interesting that "for in" is included, but "for of" is not (but instead the forEach method).

5. WebKit Features in Safari 17.5 by Jen Simmons
They continue to boost their CSS arsenal.

6. I’m worried about the tabbing behaviour, rather than the syntax and name of CSS masonry by Andy Bell
Until this post the tabbing behavior was my least concern about this!

7. Phoenix LiveView 1.0-rc is here! by Chris McCord
LiveView is the "mother" of all HTML-over-the-wire libs. Happy to see it being 1.0 soon!

8. The Times You Need A Custom @property Instead Of A CSS Variable by Preethi Sam
Fairly good case and indeed a handy occassion for unleashing @property.

9. Shipping Ship: Behind the Particle Shader Effect for Vercel’s Conf by Matias Gonzalez
I've played Unreal in the browser; but this is the first website that fully exhausted my computer.

10. Creating Dynamic and Flexible Components with Angular Content Projection by Dany Paredes
Content projection is super important especially when your component tree does not control the whole DOM.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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