Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

4th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Another amazing set of #articles and #posts in this #frontend #webdev week. Enjoy!

1. GitHub Readme: Responsive? 🤔 Animated? 🤯 Light and dark modes? 😱 You bet! 💪🏼 by Graham The Dev

2. CSS 3D Clouds by Jaume Sánchez

3. Introducing createPages by Sophia Andren

4. Derivations in Reactivity by Ryan Carniato

5. Introducing style queries by Ahmad Shadeed

6. Web Components 2024 Winter Update by Rob Eisenberg

7. The Bun Shell by Jarred Sumner

8. Top Front-End Tools Of 2023 by Louis Lazaris

9. 5 CSS snippets every front-end developer should know in 2024 by Adam Argyle

10. A Practical Introduction to Scroll-Driven Animations with CSS scroll() and view() by Adam Argyle

🙏 As usual thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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