Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

29th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Final day in April - and it's a good one! Webdev never sleeps and with these 10 #posts and #articles in the #frontend #webdev space you should be inspired and motivated to keep on going, too!

1. What's New in the Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET by Matthew Soucoup
Is it reliable yet?

2. JSR Is Not Another Package Manager by Ryan Dahl
It's also a registry!

3. Meet Ritmo, Musixmatch’s cross-platform design system by Andrea Zillibotti
Love the concept, design, and flow. Well done!

4. The slow death of CSS vendor prefixes by Ollie Williams
For me personally it was a fast death that already happened like 5 years ago.

5. React 19 Beta by React Team This is a big one!

6. Create CSS Shapes with a single element by Temani Afif
A link that definitely belongs in the "might be useful one day" kind of category.

7. What is Vite (and why is it so popular)? by Eric Simons
The real question is: Who dominates the bundler space now?

8. JavaScript vs TypeScript. Why We Should Learn TypeScript? by Hiroshi Egawa
I guess the should question is answered - now let's discuss the "could" question: Who could learn TypeScript?

9. React's evolution from Hooks to Concurrent React by Tiger Abrodi
This is quite a comprehensive list - very enjoyable and interesting!

10. First post: A history of online public messaging by Jeremy Reimer
The article was definitely not what I was expecting, but in fact - that is good. Great read!

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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