Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

16th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Issue 16 already 💪! Enjoy the mid of the week with some outstanding #frontend #webdev links leading to great #articles and #posts!

1. WebKit Features in Safari 17.4 by Jen Simmons and Jon Davis
This is a good one - especially with the improvements for web apps on Mac and the enhanced declarative shadow DOM.

2. Top 8 Recent V8 in Node Updates by Antonello Zanini
Finally the dynamic imports also work with "with".

3. Announcing TypeScript 5.4 by Daniel Rosenwasser
The NoInfer utility type might be more useful than I can infer right now.

4. A Next.js package for managing third-party libraries by Houssein Djirdeh
So larger applications are less performant? Get out of here!

5. 10 Must have VS Code Extensions for Developers in 2024 by Durgesh Kumar Prajapati
I don't know if I must have them, but I do have them. Except, that my Quokka.js license expired.

6. Astro 4.5 by Erika, Emanuele Stoppa, Matthew Phillips, Nate More, Bjorn Lu
The new script detection is actually quite great.

7. Top Headless UI libraries for React in 2024 by Feilin Liangga Putri
I think this is a good collection of superb libraries.

8. How to Build a Masonry Layout Using CSS by Abhigyan
Watch out for the end - the perspective usage is outstanding.

9. Things I learned while building my JS libary by Aditya Mathur
Long story short: It's more work than it seems like.

10. PixiJS v8 Launches! 🎉 by GoodBoyDigital
Supercharge your animation skills.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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