Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

25th part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

Another great issue filled with some outstanding #posts and #articles in the #frontend #webdev space. Enjoy!

1. Going beyond pixels and (r)ems in CSS - Absolute length units by Brecht De Ruyte
Units are important - I just hope more people would use the metric system.

2. TanStack Form: All-in-one Form Handling for React by Rufina Uche
Personally, I only use plain forms as they seem to handle everything and are implicitly usable in all scenarios.

3. Creating an Interactive Time-Tracking Report with React and TypeScript by Rodion Chachura
Explained in all detail with lots of code - I love it!

4. Play with Signals by JSBin
How does the Signals proposal play out? See for yourself!

5. Creating a Multicolored Star Rating Card Component by Sarah Okolo
The only remaining question is "how many stars do you give this tutorial".

6. How does useOptimistic() work internally in React? by JSer
This convinced me to drop "usePessimistic" in favor of "useRealistic". One day I'll switch to "useOptimistic", I promise!

7. Create badass, fluid and smooth transitions between your website's pages by Thierry Michel, Xavier Foucrier, Luigi De Rosa
This one is really good - just the minimum API to make these transitions so good.

8. 6 Ways to Future-Proof Your Web Design Career by Suzanne Scacca Psst... One proven way is to follow me and read these articles.

9. How we built JSR by Luca Casonato
I love JSR and I welcome all the articles about it the Deno team is putting out.

10. Next.js 14.2 by Tim Neutkens and Delba de Oliveira
Are we turbo yet? Not fully - but close.

🙏 Many thanks to all authors for their hard work - much appreciated!

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