It's Mario... again!

Now the second and last part of the Mario5 articles has been published on CodeProject.

The new article focuses on the level editor, or to be more general: it focuses on possible extensions to the already created game engine. Therefore this article can be viewed as a proof that thoughtful software engineering can work out to give the programmer more flexibility.

In the article we can see that even JavaScript can be fully utilized using object oriented approaches (even though there is nothing like classes in JavaScript). With the main objects being created in the fashion of the first article, all we have to do is write some new objects, which make use of the old ones. Therefore the level editor was written in no-time. Other possibilities are also discussed, like the creation of a animation framework for creating short scenes within the engine.

The last part deals with integrating the game into a ASP.NET MVC webpage. Here most of the code will be uncovered in the next few days, after all /most bugs are fixed from the web application.

The game itself has also improved. The spritesheet has been upgraded and some small bugs have been fixed. One new (and very cool) feature has been added: Mario can now stop the shell of the green turtle. Be warned, however, this is very tricky, due to the velocity of the shell.

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