WinFormsX Part 1 of n

The first article about the Windows Forms Extensions library has been published on the CodeProject.

The first article gives interested users a look at some of the exciting methods of the Windows Forms Extension library, like animations, graphic helpers, and a modern UI form. At the moment some bugfixes and further extensions are planned and implemented.

The second article will probably be released in the mid of September. This article will deal about some of the URL helper methods and other Graphics extensions. It will also deal with some of the (not yet implemented) Control extensions / classes.

The NuGet package of the WinFormsX library will be updated as soon as there is a new version available. I try to release version 0.1.7 within one week from now, depending on the additions to the current source.

The project still searches other contributors - so if you have one or the other idea, spot a bug or have a better implementation then your help would be more than welcome!

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