UltimateVolley and Sumerics

My recent (and future) activities on the CodeProject concerning the article about UltimateVolley and my Intel AppUp contest entry called Sumerics.

Recently I just published my new CodeProject article that describes the creation of the UltimateVolley game. This game is basically a Blobby Volley clone with some advanced features:

  • Ingame replays (instant replays if it was a really good rally)
  • Players have a pulse to decrease performance with too many moves
  • Advanced spin physics for the ball
  • A state of the art network client is planned
  • Random locations and random serve

Currently the first article is published - a second one will be published as well; the only question is: when? This brings me directly to the second topic: My current project!

Currently the Intel AppUp contest is running. Round 1 will end on the 21st of October (2012). I already made it to Round 2 with my entry: Sumerics.

This entry is basically my approach of bringing touch enabled devices with a lot of sensor capabilities to advanced numerical computation. The core of my app is my open source project YAMP. This powerful parser will be extended with a plugin, that gives the YAMP core access to all the sensors. Now new functions can be directly accessed as the ones directly provided by the core.

What is special about the app? Well, in principle the main goal is to have some (the most important part) of the functionality of Matlab. However, the UI and the interface for talking to the sensors are unique and should give Sumerics (Sensor numerics) some advantage over using Matlab with an Ultrabook. We also include a graphical function editor that is quite close (but more touch friendly) to the one offered by LabView.

The Ultrabook is already on its way to me - let's see if I can make it to the deadline of Round 2, which is at the end of November. The app has to be placed in the Intel AppUp store until the 1st of December (2012).

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