CodeProject Windows Azure contest

Today I published my entry in the Windows Azure Developer Challenge called Azure WebState.

My entry in the Windows Azure Developer Challenge of CodeProject is a web statistic creator called Azure WebState. The service is designed to crawl a large amount of webpages and display statistics about it. Users will be able to register on a webpage and create their own statistic views as well as their own crawl lists.

In the next two weeks I will build a webpage that allows users to log on using OpenID, create crawl lists and associate (statistic) views with them.

As a feature of this project I will mix a common relational (SQL) database with a NoSQL database in form of MongoDB.

This project will use the HTML(5) / CSS(3) parser that I've written in the last month in my free time. It is also a good test for this parser to see if any problems might occur with a webpage that is own the crawl list of Azure WebState.

There will be 5 challenges, with each challenge taking 2 weeks. Since the first challenge is about to end tomorrow, the competition will run for 8 more weeks.

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