.NET usergroup talk

In two weeks I will give a talk at the .NET usergroup Regensburg.

On the 6th of June I will give a talk at the .NET usergroup Regensburg, located in the "IT-Speicher". In this talk I will discuss performance optimizations in (large) managed codebase.

Obviously this is a hot topic right now, since even a session in the upcoming TechEd NA is dedicated to this topic. As with a lot of things I have my own opinion and I will give some best practices in optimizing code, reducing memory leaks and writing elegant code.

The talk will be divided in 5 divisions:

  • Lambda expressions
  • Async and await
  • Optimizations
  • Best practices
  • Useful tips and tricks

I will show some (hopefully to most) unknown tricks with C# - which will result in more elegant and efficient code. The bottom line will be that most optimizations can certainly be done without loosing code maintainability and extensibility.

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