Upcoming lectures

In the next winter term I will give a new lecture on Software Design Patterns.

In the beginning of October I will again teach students how to create web applications by using HTML5 in combination with CSS3 and JavaScript. Additionally to this course, which takes 2 weeks, I will also start a new lecture on Software Design Patterns.

The lecture will take place on each Wednesday between 1 and 3pm during the semester. There will also be exercises, which will take place every other week. The aim of the lecture is to understand software engineering, becoming familiar with the concepts and the diagrammatic language in form of UML, as well as getting to know the most important design patterns.

The lecture will try to remain independent of any programming language. Therefore practical examples will be shown in at least one of the three most important programming languages (C#, C++, Java) for OOP. Other languages can be used as well, as long as they fulfill some basic properties and are not too exotic.

Finally a final project that follows the principles learned during the course will determine if one qualified for the certificate.

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