Recent CodeProject submissions

The last weeks I have been quite busy but that did not stop me from submitting some contributions to the CodeProject.

A while ago CodeProject reached the 10 million member mark. This is of course a huge deal for the CodeProject developer community and they doing a lot to celebrate it. At the moment they have a contest going on for video submissions and other gimmicks.

Along with their celebration they reached out to the most important members with an interview request. It's just a small interview, but its straight and to the point: How did CodeProject influence my life? Happily I tried to answer their questions as insightful as possible.

After this interview I went on to write another article on ASP.NET MVC. Actually I wanted to do this for a long time, but now the timing just seemed right. I will most probably write one or two other articles on ASP.NET MVC this year.

Finally there will be a new Intel contest. This will be the last content I will attend in the next couple of years and I will only participate since we won the first one: It's the App Innovation Contest 2013! My new idea is to create a presentation program called Slitastic, which will have an innovative GUI along with a state-of-the-art architecture. All in all this could be the most advanced project I did up to this point.

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