Quantum Striker

Our entry for the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013, which called Quantum Striker.

The Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 has ended. Our submission Quantum Striker is placed in the games category of the Lenovo All-In-One device, which is basically a huge touchscreen. This sort of device is also called table PC for a reason.

Submitting an entry in the games category is nothing I'd love to do. After all this section has quite a rough competition and depends even more on the personal opinion of the judges than others. In this section one does not only need to come up with strong programming and an innovative idea, but also good graphics, nice sound and a smooth game play.

In my opinion we fulfilled all those requirements and we can be proud of this submission. We will see if the judges agree with us in any way, or if the app fails. Since we are okay with the submission it does not matter much how the app will be rated.

Quantum Striker is a game that is similar to the original SpaceShoot, which has been created as an HTML5 (canvas + websockets) showcase app. It tries to continue the story of Dr. Guru and has the same game principle. However, graphics, sounds and gameplay have been completely renewed. I wrote a game engine for WPF from scratch, which is called Quantum Engine. This engine does also do the physics computations.

The game is a lot more physical than the original. Without inertia dampers, servo steering and other factors, it would have been quite a mess to control ships. Asteroids have a realistic elastic / inelastic scattering behavior and ships can also collide with each other.

The official homepage will also host the installer quite soon.

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