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Lately I've not written much CodeProject articles, but this is about to be changed.

In the past few months I did not write any new CodeProject articles. Now I am back with some quite interesting ones. The first one is just a little recap of our work with the Quantum Striker game. It discusses WPF and multi-touch.

The second one is called The C# trickbox and tries to reveal some more or less advanced tricks for enhancing programming with C#. All in all the article contains 10 tricks, that I think are not so much known or quite handy. Additionally I included a list of the most useful compiler / debugging attributes. I am looking forward if some readers will bring in useful comments or what other kind of tricks people have in mind.

Finally there will be some more articles. One will be the final article about the Quantum Striker game. This one should be fantastic and I will write it as soon as the final video is done.

Another one will be about C# vNext (C#6) features. Some of them might be excluded or changed, but it seems like the C# team has already made up their minds. The NDA sealing has been broken by Mads himself, who made the information public by giving a talk at NDC London lately.

What will be in C# 6? This is a short list that has been made by a participant of this conference:

  • primary constructors
  • read only auto-properties
  • static type inclusions
  • derived property expressions
  • method expressions
  • params to be passed as enumerables
  • monadic null checking
  • generic constructor type parameter inference
  • inline declarations for out params

Personally the last one was even new to me. Therefore I don't know if this is really on the list or if this is just a temporary goof. At the moment I would not trust this information.

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