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In the last month I published three CodeProject articles.

In the recent weeks I have published three CodeProject articles. One article is a collection of various (sometimes known, sometimes unknown, sometimes very useful - but forgotten) tips and tricks that can be applied with C#.

Another article is about the future of C#. Here I take a closer look at some of the features of the next version of C# - or at least what I think will be in there. It should be said that the article does only contain information that is not (anymore) under NDA.

Finally I fought a hard battle against the WPF framework. In the end it was possible to create some kind of touch layer, which gives a much better latency in real-world applications than the original one. The problem arises when using WPF with multi-touch as the Quantum Striker project did.

On a side note: Thanks for every vote and the general support in the last year! CodeProject honored my contributions by giving me another CodeProject MVP title.

What articles can be expected this year? Well, in the near future there will certainly be an article about the Quantum Striker game - the article will mostly deal with cross-platform (WPF to Windows Store) development.

Also there will be another programming language article, probably in combination with Sumerics v2 (Sv2 will be closed-source, however, the programming language will be open-source).

Finally this year I want to go back to HTML5 / JavaScript articles. I have funny games in my mind and I still have some extensions and controls for ASP.NET MVC, which might be worth sharing.

Stay tuned for more information!

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