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A list of interesting upcoming conferences in the areas of web and .NET development.

In the next couple of months there are a couple of interesting conferences taking place in Germany. This is a short list of my personal favorites. If I didn't include a major conference then I am sorry. It may be that the date does not fit into my schedule or that the provided sessions do not match my current interests.

CSS Conf

This is certainly an underdog, but one of my favorites. Last year they had an incredible lineup and really interesting sessions. I especially liked the very short keynote, i.e. the intro.css session. I also enjoyed Ana-Maria Tudor's talk on Maths-powered transforms for creating 3D shapes. That talk was certainly something different and supplied valuable information for anyone who wants to get deeper into CSS transformations.

The conference is taking place on the 12th of September in Berlin, Germany.


This conference follows basically the same line as the CSS Conf. There are various continental divisions (EU, US, ...) and both take place in Berlin. Here we are likely to see cutting-edge technological advances in the world of JavaScript. So we can be sure that node.js will be big, as will be JavaScript in the browser. I also assume that crazy ideas will be presented again. Some things are just to goof around a bit. As an example I consider Martin Kleppe's talk (1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry) from last year a must see. It is unlikely that something practical can be learning in the session, however, it will certainly be enlightening.

The conference is taking place on the 12th to the 15th of September in Berlin, Germany.

Code Talks

This is the new name of the Developer Conference. It is a more general conference that focuses on infrastructure, new technology and IT management. We can expect many PHP, Java or JavaScript talks. I also suppose that big data with AWS or Azure will be on the list. Since Microsoft is one of the head sponsors we can also expect one or the other talk with Microsoft coding environments. The lineup of speakers is huge and the conference is among the biggest ones in Europe. An interesting part is that engineers of big (tech) companies are giving insights into their architecture. For example last year a talk was given on The Architecture of Stack Overflow.

The conference is taking place on the 9th/10th of October in Hamburg, Germany.


webtech is the partner conference of the international PHP conference. However, here the focus is mainly on the front-end. Therefore we can expect talks on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and related topics such as responsive design, SEO or page speed optimizations. Finally they have some workshops, goodies, special offers and exclusive events going on. This one may be my favorite as it is also really close to me.

The conference is taking place on the 26th to the 29th of October in Munich, Germany.

TechEd Europe

Okay, here I don't have to write much. Microsoft is very professional in organizing such big events. Barcelona sounds delightful as well. The only thing I am usually missing at the TechEd conferences are advanced talks. Usually there are plenty (and I mean it) beginner sessions. Having some of them (in the end Microsoft wants to convince developers to try out new technologies that they created) within the conference is okay, but if you come to broaden your knowledge by going deeper into a specific topic, you may be in the wrong place. Unfortunately this is also the most expensive conference.

The conference is taking place on the 28th to the 31st of October in Barcelona, Spain.

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