WebApplications WS 2014/15

Tomorrow the WebApplications course for the winter term 2014/15 will start.

After giving (IT) lectures for the last 5 years it is time to step back and focus on my PhD thesis. It has been a great pleasure to work and teach so many talented young people. Talking about technologies that I love and care has been a joy.

In order to make the transition smooth I decided to step back officially. Therefore my successor is officially already in charge of the WebApplications lecture. This will help him to become familiar with the lecture and organization, while I get to see problems other people might have with the organization I developed.

In March I already lectured the programming with C# course for the last time. Now the WebApplications lecture follows. We will start tomorrow at 9:15 in room PHY 5.0.20. The exercises will take place in the CIP pool VKL. We prepared the material in such a way, that two people can hold the lectures without possible collisions. In fact we will alternate / interleave the lectures, i.e. that on Monday, Wednesday, ... I will get to talk about JavaScript / CSS, while my colleague will take over on Tuesday, Thursday, ... to provide some insights on the HTML part.

The whole grading concept has not changed and in the end a final project will determine if the course has been successfully attended or not. More details on the whole process will follow during the lecture.

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