Microsoft MVP 2015

My MVP award for the C# programming language has been renewed again.

The last year has seen quite some shifts in the industry and I am positive that these changes will continue in the future. Right now a lot of languages with different features exists, but I am confident that my specific skill set is more than adequate for the future.

  • Deep knowledge of system level programming with C++
  • Scripting and web development with JavaScript (and TypeScript)
  • Cloud and infrastructure tooling by applying C# and the .NET-Framework

Yes, I know the .NET-Framework could be considered struggling. However, I believe in the future of Microsoft. There have been a lot of mistakes, which disappointed me and a lot of customers. In general, though, it seems that Microsoft has a pretty good design (UI and architecture) and is able to learn. Therefore I wouldn't start thinking that an IT revolution is to happen without Microsoft being on board. Their commitment to cloud computing, web first and cross-devices / systems is excellent.

What will the next year bring from my side? I actually don't know. First I will have to finish writing my PhD thesis. Time that I'll find next to it will be devoted to the AngleSharp project. There the roadmap deserves a post on its own. Finally some other projects seem to be short and interesting. Let's see how much time is left over.

In November I will visit the MVP summit. There is a great opportunity to present AngleSharp (at the MVP showcase prior to the conference). Also other great opportunities such as a workshop for Roslyn or the possibility of meeting Satya Nadella are given.

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